WOWlet: a free Wownero desktop wallet

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WOWlet is a free, open-source Wownero wallet for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Created by the same authors of Feather wallet.

The latest version is . Download it here.


  • Safe - Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer.
  • Private - Tor is embedded and used to protect your IP.
  • Easy - automatically uses community servers - no need to download the blockchain.
  • Fast - written in C++ with performance and speed in mind.
  • No Lock-In - You can export your private keys and use them in other client(s).
  • Cross-Platform - Supports all 3 major operating systems.

Latest news

2022-03-02 Future development

For the past 2 years the WOWlet project has been running great and we have not had anything catastrophic happen (knocks wood) - a testament to the greatness of our development community (lie)! There are currently about 12k WOWlet users running the latest version on all 3 major platforms (Windows/Linux/MacOS).

Which brings us to future developments. WOWlet is a place to store Wownero funds in a decentralized and privacy respecting manner. We are exploring options to add more service(s)/features to WOWlet itself. What those service(s) should be - we don't know yet.

For now, we have a new website. You are looking at it. See you around!

2020-12-12 Builds are now available.

The alpha was a great success. We would like to thank everyone who helped test the wallet during this phase. As a result of your feedback we've ironed out many kinks and implemented new features. The wallet can now be considered stable.